ElserTrack is a comprehensive online tracking and monitoring software designed to meet your needs. With sleek graphics and exceptional functionality, it provides you with a complete solution for the control and security of the objects you wish to monitor. And all of this in real-time, accessible from your computer, mobile, or tablet!


Our software has been designed to be user-friendly for everyone, while simultaneously not compromising on capabilities. The graphics and enhanced functionality are the key to our applications, and of course, we provide a variety of reports for various events, so you can thoroughly analyze the data you receive from the GPS devices!

Cloud Infrastructure

Our online platform is hosted on high-speed cloud servers, allowing you to have processed data from your devices in near real-time.

Applications for Smartphones

Our smartphone applications are user-friendly and provide you with the information you need quickly and simply. You can monitor GPS devices in real-time, no matter where you are, including speed, the location of your object, and much more. You can receive instant notifications on your mobile device whenever an event occurs, as you have defined.


We offer you a comprehensive online GPS tracking software, 24/7 ability to locate, monitor your vehicles position in real time directly from your PC, mobile or tablet. Receive valuable reports regarding your vehicles’ behavior in a variety of functions (speed violations, etc., depending on the CAN and DATA Bus firmware).

User-friendly control panel provides monitoring software, accurate GPS and data statistics directly for your fleet. Enjoy an exceptionally cost-effective and integrated vehicle monitoring solution.