Elser Track Vessels Locating and Tracking



For Yatch owners, we created the Elser Track Marine Live package so that you can track the position of your boat instantly, wherever it is, from your computer, mobile or tablet. Directly receive Push notification to your cell phone, email for specific and special indidents such as, Low battery power, geofence target in or out, towing, water leaks and many more. Includes: GPS tracker with GPRS – An untraceable compact and smart GPS device, with high-sensitivity built-in GSM and GNSS transceivers and battery backup, it is ideal even for small boats due to its low current consumption of 2mA

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All Elser Track GPS devices have been rigorously tested to meet high safety standards. At ELSER, you will find devices suitable for motorcycles, cars, small pleasure boats, e-scooters and for commercial vehicles of all kinds. Especially for vehicles with small batteries, we have devices with low current consumption to keep the battery charged. With years of experience, we will advise you which the right device according to your requirements is.

At unbeatable prices and with ELSER Quality.

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