Innovative safety system built to the highest quality standards and to the specifications of ATVs, scooters and various motorcycle types.

Central security unit with ultra-low current consumption below 3.5mA designed entirely with electronic components without mechanical parts for
vibration detection or flash relay built-in multi-tone powerful siren (122dB) built-in backup battery has specially designed software to activate it by the
installation for maximum life and integrated digital processor IC to detect (2) two levels of vibration and the tilt, displacement of the motorcycle.

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Effective protection against intruders by generating a different rolling code each time when sending and receiving data from the transmitter to the receiver of the security unit.

Built-in battery backup allows the system when armed in the event of an unauthorized power outage to the security unit to remain operational to activate the siren and automatically transmit alert information to the user’s LCD remote control. Also, the safety system to keep the motorcycle battery charged has specially designed software (Elser_patent), so that it charges its integrated backup battery, only when the motorcycle’s ignition switch is on and its engine is running.

Automatic SLEEP MODE configuration when the motorcycle ignition switch is closed, in the OFF position. Half an hour after arming, the power saving function of the device is automatically activated so as not to put an additional burden on the motorcycle battery beyond its needs. At the same time, in the event of a breach of the security system, all functions are activated.


If any of the security sensors are activated during in the arming mode state, the system will automatically activate the alarm signals with siren sounds and the motorcycle’s flashing lights.

While the siren is sounding and the motorcycle’s indicators are flashing, the LCD remote control will emit warning sounds and the remote display will indicate the flashing icon corresponding to the activation zone.

Tilt/Offset Detection – The built-in geostationary sensor included in ELSER safety systems detects the tilt and offset of the motorcycle. When tilt/displacement is detected the system will activate the siren and will page/ tele-notify of this trigger on the LCD remote control with the indication TILT.

Vibration/ Shock Detection – The built-in geostationary sensor included in ELSER safety systems detects vibrations on the motorcycle at (2) two levels and will page/ tele-notify of these triggers on the LCD remote control with the corresponding indications.

IGNITION SWITCH Voltage detection – If the motorcycle switch is switched on while the system is armed, it will activate the siren and will page (tele-notify) this trigger on the LCD remote with the IGNITION indication.

Constant voltage detection – The use of the backup battery ensures that the security system while in armed mode, will detect any loss of power, activate the siren and page (tele-notify) this trigger on the LCD remote control with the POWER LOSS indication.

Safety & battery control – When disarming the motorcycle’s automatic battery control system, the safety system will detect when the battery voltage is low and will page/ tele-notify on the LCD remote control with the LOW BAT 11.8V indication.

Security with perimeter protection – The security system is designed to detect perimeter movement around the motorcycle to warn with (3) three- level/stage siren chirps to protect it and its removable parts to deter potential thieves. As soon as the security system detects a command from the (3rd) third stage of the sensor, it will activate the siren and will page/ tele-notify about this trigger on the LCD remote control with the PERIMETER indication, (optional accessory).

Security with Starter – kill (Fuel cut – OFF) engine lock – Prevents thieves from starting the motorcycle engine while the alarm system is armed, with this accessory use. The operation can be achieved by stopping the starter or the fuel, according to the motorcycle, consult your installer, (optional accessory).

24/7 monitoring via GPS – Combine your security system with ELSER TRACK to have remote control and monitoring via GPS on your smartphone for added security and convenience (optional accessory).